Fine Art Photography

Fine art photography is a subjective matter it would seem. To me fine art is all about taking an idea and explaining it via your images. Rather than simply capturing what you see, it is about seeing and saying something different; Story telling through images; making the viewer think rather than simply admire.

My fine art work is for sale, but in a limited number. And printed in a different way. Check out the fine art shop page for more details.

Bird Silhouettes

If you remove the colour from a Red Kite, or the feathering details from a Kestrel can you still see, identify and enjoy the bird? My birds silhouette collection, hopefully gives you pause for thought. And in case you are wondering, yes, all of these images are photographs. Each was taken with the intention of being silhouettes. Colour has been removed, and contrast enhanced, but otherwise this is how they were taken.

I hope you like them. You can buy them clicking the button below.

More Projects coming soon…